Ecological thinking



In these months of health emergency we have learned about filtering face masks, a new element for most of the world population which, starting from this moment, will become an integral part of our daily clothing until the next solution.

The first questions immediately arise: if only the Italian population has more than 60 million inhabitants, how many masks will we have to buy daily? Considering that at the moment the end date of the need to use these devices is not known, how much will be the number of disposable masks that we will use and then throw immediately after?

An unimaginable number. And most of the masks on the market are made of non-recyclable material. Surely someone will hit the bin of undifferentiated, others will throw them on the ground as street furniture among the waste paper: certainly it is a must to think of a better solution that considers respect for the environment, already suffering in itself.

Exactly from this point our ecological thinking is born. Our O-Masks are first of all easily washable to make them effective and reusable again for up to 40 days. They are made of cotton and elastane, do not have underwire folds because their upper seam is specifically designed to adhere to the shape of the nose, they are therefore recyclable and reusable at the end of their life, in two words: they do not pollute. They are also comfortable to use in any situation, they are customizable and easily available, they are aesthetically pleasing, what more could you want? Do not use them, it is clear, but as long as we are obliged to do so, at least we use a comfortable and ecological product to protect us, others and also the environment.